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Westchester Academy of Science Charter School

WASCS Capacity

WASCS Capacity For the first year, students in grades 6, 7 and 8 will be accepted.

In subsequent years, additional grades will be added. 4th year of the charter’s operation it will serve grades 6 through 12. 

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Educational Improvement Survey
Inspeccion Educativa de Mejora

Westchester Academy of Science Charter School (WASCS) is a proposed charter school to be located in Yonkers.

College Prep Curriculum

College Prep Curriculum

College Prep Curriculum WASCS prepares students for leadership roles in mathematics, science, and technology to work productively in the new millennium. WASCS is a proposed charter school. Charter schools offer an...

Educational Improvement Survey

Educational Improvement Survey

Please take the educational improvement survey. Your answers are very important in shaping a new proposed college preparatory charter school in the City of Yonkers.

Student Programs

Student Programs

Individualized instruction: Self-paced, individualized instruction will make a positive difference in both a student’s academic career and in his or her personal life. The flexibility of the curriculum allows students to enter at...

Inspeccion Educativa de Mejora

Inspeccion Educativa de Mejora

Por favor, tome la encuesta mejora educativa. Sus respuestas son muy importantes en la formación de un nuevo colegio preparatorio propuesto escuela charter en la ciudad de Yonkers.

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Who can enroll in a charter school?

Any child who is qualified under the laws of this State for admission to a public school is qualified for admission to a charter school. Immunization ...

On what basis may a charter school select students?

In general, a charter school may establish no admissions requirements except that students meet the age or grade level requirements specified in its c...

Are charter schools required to enroll children with special needs?

Yes. A charter school may not discriminate against or limit the admission of children on any unlawful basis, including on the basis of ethnicity, nati...

What Are Charter Schools?

Charter schools are free public schools open to all New York City children. Though public, they are not run by the NYC Department of Education. Chart...

What are the purposes of charter schools?

Charter schools as defined in New York are intended to achieve the following objectives:• Improve student learning and achievement;• Increase learning...

What if more students apply than a charter school can enroll?

If the number of applicants exceeds the number of available seats, a random public lottery must be held, in accordance with Section 119.5 of Commissio...



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